The Slow Crawl to Montréal

I’ve come to terms with there likely being no big trip for me this year. Mounting student loan payments, cyber criminals: it’s been one sudden financial pitfall after another. Luckily, all of the money raised from my Indiegogo campaign a few months back remains in protected form. I’ve got the gear. I’ve got the plane ticket. I just keep finding myself running out of time to get the money that, for one reason or another, keeps being taken by somebody with terrible timing.

Enough is Enough. Time to Go

The thing about travel writing is, well, you can’t really do it unless you travel. While it seems my plans for Spain will be put off until spring 2015, I can take a number of smaller trips over the next few months. Montréal is my first stop. I found a beautiful place on AirBnB near the Old City. At the moment, I only know I want to get some poutine, explore Atwater Market, and meet some interesting new people around a few beers.

I’ll be gone for five days, and since I’m no longer giving up my job, not until that Spain trip finally happens, I’ll be getting paid for three of those. It’s not a perfect situation, but since I can still work, I can travel to Montréal here in a few weeks, hit New York City in September, and explore all that Boston has to offer in November. In other words, this project, set up to be all about travel, will finally have some fresh experience to be filled with.

Now, the next two weeks need to cooperate and start going faster.

Do you live in Montréal, or do you visit often? What are some of the things I need to eat, drink, see, or do while I’m in the City of Saints?



  1. Buck up Charles, Europe is not going anywhere – well hopefully the Netherlands will still be there, but I digress. According to your last post, adventure is not far out of reach, and what is the point of travel if not to create incredible stories, which it looks like you have no issue accomplishing. Explore Montreal, get out of the city and talk to some locals and brush up on your French (all you need to know is “boire” = “drink” pronounced bwa). Keep traveling and Godspeed. ~BF


    1. You are absolutely right, BF. I’ve found a lot of great things in Montreal so far, from food to people. This is a place I’m confident you’d love. You cross a point in the city and it’s like you’ve walked through a portal to Europe.

      Keep your eyes on the road.


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