Through the Lens Thursday: Home Ain’t So Bad

Woe is any town unfortunate enough to be home. It’s the first place to be maligned when asked, and often when not . The biggest complaint is that there is nothing to do. This may not be true if you live in New York City, Tokyo, or some other metropolis, the borders of which seem to house a small planet’s worth of spectacle.

I’ve never lived in such a place, though. Whether by chance or fate, mine is always the home with more fields and trees than people, more mountains to climb than reliable pubs to soothe what ails you. And so it’s always been that I’ve looked away from my home for my adventures.

It’s only when my bank account dwindles before my paycheck, my kitchen reduced to a monk’s stock of beans, rice, and tofu, that I bother to look up and see what a beautiful — albeit temporary — home I have. I live in a fishbowl built of mountains and maples, streams and rice paddies. Trails branch across my little blip on the map of Japan like capillaries. Deer, wild boars, bears, four-inch wasps, kaleidoscopic swallowtail butterflies course through them. And the sunsets? See for yourself.

When did you realize your home is secretly wonderful? Share those moments with me in the comments below.



  1. Singapore is a place where everything works so coming back from a long trip Indonesia where a pharmacy told me to head to the mini mart next door to get gastric pills was quite something.


    1. Wow, that had to be sort of a strange experience being kicked to the mini mart by the pharmacy! I think I’m going to have the opposite experience when I head back to the States.

      Thanks for checking out my post 🙂


  2. are you wordsfromtheroad “official” because there’s some punk out there faking it? Let me know, I’ll beat em up


    1. Haha. After I started using the WfR name and wanted to register the URL, I discovered some punk was using it — some punk blocked behind a Google malware warning! So, yes, official is the only thing I could think of at the time, and I was too impatient to be clever.


  3. I have lived many places but I always returned to Toronto. Japan is awesome but I still choose Toronto, I do wish for higher speed internet though. Akihabara is only a direct flight away after all. I shall return there with Sara soon enough.


    1. Toronto is an exceptionally cool place, so I can’t see why you wouldn’t go back. Still looking for a place like that (I’m secretly hoping its a cottage on the coast of New England that I magically come up with the cash for).


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