On the Cop-Out of Creative Anxiety

Words from the Road started out as a way for me to get my feet wet in the world of travel writing. I’d just joined Matador Network’s “MatadorU” writing program, and I was getting some positive reviews and really great constructive criticism on how I could get better in this field. I never finished the program.

Somewhere along the way I started getting requests for submissions. Posts, like this one about getting by in Japan with a thin wallet, had reps from a few different travel sites asking for a slightly different take on the subject for publication. I started each new riff on the topic with a lot of excitement for my opportunities. Deadlines were missed without explanation. Slowly but surely, requests for articles slowed to a trickle before the ground around me cracked with drought. This blog, likewise, turned into a derelict, rarely taken care of but for when the mood randomly struck me once or twice a month. Sensing a trend?

Words from the Road: Madrid to Barcelona morphed into Kyoto to Tokyo by necessity, and that’s fine. Even that, the most ambitious project with many supporters waiting for its completion, remains incomplete, though it’s actually quite far along. More on that in the coming weeks. Continue reading →